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We know it can feel challenging to keep up with the number of different toolkits and grants on offer to support positive action in your community, which is why we've created a new service to provide personalised advice.

Whatever challenge you'd like to tackle in your village, if you don't know where to start, our new personalised advice service can create tailored guidance for you. This advice could be pointing you to another village that has successfully overcome the challenge, or introducing you to them for tips; letting you know which grants you could be eligible for; and signposting you to a relevant toolkit for more ideas and guidance.

So whether you want to create a social group for people in your community who feel isolated, or you want to tackle a community safety concern such as antisocial behaviour, or you want to improve your village's green credentials such as by planting trees, fill in our short form to receive personalised advice from one of our team about funding and how to get started.



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